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If you need to securely handle or exchange health information, we do IT for you! We provide technological solutions to innovate in the health industry.

Development Services

We create applications to meet specific business needs and drive to digital transformation.

Implementation Services

We deploy, configure, and integrate software systems within your organization.

Infrastructure Services

We provide administration, implementation and architectural design of servers, storage, network and backup infrastructure.

Nestor Centeno,Vice-Presidente Ejecutivo Senior

Welcome to Alpine: Where Innovation and Purpose Converge

At Alpine, we are a force for positive change. Our story is one of perseverance, growth, and unwavering commitment to excellence. Alpine is a melting pot of talents, ideas, and cultures, coming together to create something greater than the sum of its parts. We invite you to step into the world of Alpine, where innovation and purpose converge to shape a brighter future.

A Journey of Transformation: Established in 2004, Alpine embarked on a journey with a vision to make a profound impact on the lives of our clients. We have shown that success is the result of relentless determination and a willingness to adapt to new challenges.

Innovating for Impact: Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that the status quo is merely a starting point. Through our dedicated teams and collaborative spirit, we’re consistently pushing boundaries to develop technological solutions that have a meaningful impact on the life of our clients and the life of their clients.

A Commitment to Positive Change: We recognize the responsibility we hold as industry leaders and are dedicated to giving back to our communities. Our initiatives extend beyond boardrooms, aiming to create a more fair and sustainable future.

Your Journey Starts Here: As you navigate through our website, you’ll discover more than just products and services – you’ll find a vibrant community that believes in the power of innovation, collaboration, and shared success. Whether you’re a client, partner, or potential team member, we invite you to join us on this journey of transformation, where each step is a testament to the possibilities that lie ahead.

Welcome to Alpine – where innovation thrives, diversity shines, and purpose ignites change.

Let’s shape a brighter future together.


A message from our people

Business Development

The Business Development department at our health technologies company is responsible for identifying strategic partnerships, cultivating relationships with healthcare providers, and expanding our market presence. We focus on driving innovation and growth by leveraging cutting-edge technology solutions to improve patient care and healthcare operations.

Cloud Department

The Cloud Department manages the seamless integration of cloud computing solutions to enhance data storage, accessibility, and security for our healthcare products and services. Our team ensures the scalability and reliability of cloud infrastructure, enabling efficient data management and collaboration across the healthcare ecosystem.

Development Department

The Development Department is dedicated to designing and creating innovative software solutions tailored to the specific needs of healthcare providers and patients. We focus on developing user-friendly, secure, and scalable applications that streamline healthcare processes, improve patient outcomes, and enhance the overall healthcare experience.

Security Department

The Security Department is responsible for safeguarding sensitive patient data and ensuring compliance with industry regulations. Our team employs state-of-the-art cybersecurity measures, conducts regular risk assessments, and provides continuous training to protect the integrity and confidentiality of healthcare information.

Infrastructure Department

The Infrastructure Department manages the robust and reliable foundation that supports our critical healthcare systems and services. We ensure the availability and performance of servers, networks, and data centers, enabling seamless access to healthcare applications and data for both healthcare providers and patients.

Service Desk Department

The Service Desk Department serves as the frontline support hub, providing timely assistance to healthcare professionals and end-users facing technical issues or seeking guidance. Our team offers expert troubleshooting, resolves inquiries, and ensures the smooth operation of healthcare technology solutions, ultimately contributing to improved patient care and healthcare efficiency.

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